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Here We Go!

Its finally here…the first comp of the season.  It’s going to be great to see everyone up at Hazelwood Ski World, and to get back into competing but also its stressful time as these comps really count. Plus…I’m revising for my final exams in a couple of weeks (we do them at the same time as the GCSE exams).

It’s a bit of a killer to be having important comps going on while I’m going through my Biology revision!

Anyway…I think I’m ready.  Fingers crossed!  Here’s me doing some trick practice.

A lot of the tricks won’t score as they aren’t smooth enough yet, and I’m taking way more than 20 seconds to ‘do the run’. But its a start, and I have to keep focused on one thing at a time!

Think of me this weekend.


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