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Getting Back to Slalom

After a lot of winter practice for Trick skiing it’s time to get back to doing some slalom.  It’s important that I get back into the rythm of things for slalom, and that I start the season ahead of where I finished last year…that’s kinda the point of winter training.

Its hard in the cold, and the wind. While I love the snow it would be great to be able to be skiing without a dry suit. This video is from a couple of weeks ago…before it got icy again!  Working hard on 16m line…

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It takes endless practice!

I know this looks simple…really it does. But it takes ages to be able to do this smoothly on a trick ski. I’ve only been ‘tricking’ for 2 years, so its all still pretty new to me. A side slide is the basis of every trick, and slow, careful control of the ski is vital if I don’t want to go flying.  So during the winter – I practice, practice, practice. So that my ski control is perfect when it comes to doing more complicated tricks! And yeah…that’s a dry suit. Skiing in winter isn’t something I’d recommend unless you are super keen!


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Skiing in the snow!!!


I have been waiting for it to snow for ages and it finally happened!!! Today when I was tricking it was super windy (I mean white capping windy) and really cold. Then half way through my set it started to snow! I love the snow but it hardly ever snows where I live in the UK so this was supper exciting. Despite loving it my face hurt so much after tricking because it turned into hail and when there is 23 mile an hour winds it really hurts…


…Okay, so there wasn’t much snow.