My Day…My Life…My Hair

This is where I post random stuff about my day…and my hair…as I have a lot of it!

  • My First Year of Jump

    I have really enjoyed learning and competing in jump this year and I want to say a big thank you to Jodi Fisher to lending me the skis for free, thank you so much! I love being a three eventer and being involved in all the disciplines and overall scores.  After two years of riding the skis it is thrilling to  actually jumping and I am really excited to continue working hard to improve over the next years!

    Also and big thanks to Richard Mattos and Mark Burridge for all the work they have done in getting the jump back in at JB Ski and John Battleday for all the coaching!Jump 4Jump 1Molly in jump gear-minJodi Ski Skool Ski's-min

  • New GlideSoul Design is out!

    It’s that time of year again when new wet suits start popping up and I start looking for this years’ set of kit. Obviously I’m still growing so last seasons GlideSoul wetsuits are a bit, ahem, tight now.  After spending the winter in a dry suit I can’t wait for it to get warm so the water is something other than freezing cold. It’s really hot right now, a few more days of this and I’ll be able to get out of my heavy wetsuit and into something I can move freely in. That makes a real difference, especially with Trick.

    I’ve got my eye on the new GlideSoul range – the black and silver design is super cool looking. I love the options of long or short sleeves, and the wetsuits with the slightly longer leg look great. Now I just have to convince my Mum….off to get measured!

  • Love my Glidesoul wetsuits

    Being comfortable on the water is really important. I need to be able to stretch and reach without my wetsuits pulling or tugging anywhere. Most wetsuits don’t fit me – I’m thinner than some girls and find a lot of brands gap and are too baggy. It’s really irritating when I’m trying to concentrate on a trick, or slalom to be uncomfortable. So glad I found Glidesoul – they do some great suits in my favourite colour…blue..and really cool patterns. I love the black stripe – even though my coach, John Battleday, says I look like an old TV trying to get a signal!  Everyone else likes it though (but then they’re not watching my skiing through a mirror and trying to coach me!).